August 09, 2022
Why Union?
Updated On: Oct 22, 2008

Electrical contracting is a tough, competitive business. Recruiting and retaining qualified and experienced workers is at the top of the priority list for many companies. Contractors are very often forced to spend valuable time and money finding labor with uncertain qualifications or work histories. This rarely yields the most profitable results in today's construction industry.

Why not take on a partner who is willing and able to help with these issues. The Electrical Team is able to remove this burden from your workload, with testing procedures in place to verify an applicants abilities and a substance abuse testing policy to ensure a drug free work force, we can provide the quality workers you need when you need them. We offer a flexible work force to allow you to increase your manpower when opportunities present themselves and reduce to your core personnel when work slows down.

With over 1400 members the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local Union # 666 represents the largest pool of pre-qualified, experienced and reliable electrical workers in Central-Virginia. Most labor requests are filled in 24 hours and with access to electrical workers throughout the United States, the IBEW will provide your manpower. Many of the Journeymen have upgraded training in fiber optics, fire alarms, high voltage splicing, data and structured cabling systems, instrumentation and welding. Journeymen have either completed a 4 year apprenticeship program or have passed a placement test to ensure their qualifications. Our Apprentices attend classes one day per week in a new state of the art facility owned by the Richmond Electricians Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee, and are expected to excell in the classroom as well as on the job.

The IBEW has created two new worker classifications to address the changing nature of todays commercial market.

  • Construction Electricians are workers with at least 4 years of electrical experience that may not have had the opportunity to experience all aspects of electrical construction; many of these individuals have their state licenses and are working toward attaining the Journeyman status.
  • Construction Wiremen are entry level employees who chose not to attend a formal apprenticeship or have not completed the entry procedure.

These two new classification are intended to give your company a competitive edge in the commercial market. When you partner with the Electrical Team you will gain access to training provided by the Richmond Electricians JATC for you and your workers, we believe providing a highly skilled and trained workforce is the best investment the Electrical Team can make for our contractors and the electrical construction industry. The Electrical Team is committed to helping our contractors succeed. If you are constantly fighting a battle trying to get qualified workers why not see what a partnership with the Electrical Team can do for your company.



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